The Daily Show with Jon Stewart or Bust!

It’s sad but true. When I daydream about the pinnacle of my writing career it’s always sitting on the set of the Daily Show trading witty remarks with Jon Stewart.  He asks me how the story came to be, if I’m surprised by the international fame I now have, and when the movie adaptation staring Jude Law and Thomas Gibson is coming out. I answer. We laugh. Then he asks me how I managed to get Jared Leto, Adele, and Trent Reznor to do the soundtrack. I respond with some fantastical tale about stalking them all wearing a Yoda suit.

I’m never sure if daydreaming about success is good or bad. I’ve read both. I used to fantasize about what it would feel like to own a house, to have room for things, and windows we could open.  Then I’d stop and give myself a stern talking to about expectations and let downs.  But, the day we walked into a house that was ours, really and for true, it beat all the fantasies I’d ever had hands down.

So I’m wondering, do you daydream about success? If so, what does success look like to you?


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