FF – Cheesecake 03

“What?” The shriek of outrage drew attention from cafe patrons nearby. “What do you mean you’re not taking the job? Daddy did a lot to get you that spot, Cam.”

“I appreciate it, truly, but I’ve been accepted to a writing program, with a grant.”

She threw her fork down with a clatter and scrapped back her chair. “You can do that stupid hobby on the weekends. This is a real job with real money, you know, like an adult.”

“I am an adult,” Cam muttered but she had already stormed away.

He stayed, partially because he didn’t want to draw further attention to himself, and partially because he’d come all this way for the damn cheesecake.

The conversation at the next table caught his ear.

“Vienna? How long?”

Cam couldn’t hear the response but found out soon enough.

“A Year?”

“It’s a very prestigious offer.” The girl finally spoke loud enough to hear.

“What’s wrong with your symphony position here?”

“Nothing, It’s just…”

“What, Florida’s not good enough for you?”

“It’s not that it’s…”

“I can’t see why anyone would want to play that obese violin anyway.”

She mumbled something to her empty plate.

The man slammed his drink down. “Fine, go to Vienna. I’ll have your stuff put in storage, but don’t expect me to be waiting for you when you get back.”

He strode away without a backwards glance.

She slumped into her seat.

Cam concocted and discarded a dozen excuses to introduce himself and was about to give up when the waiter approached with an apologetic expression. “I’m very sorry but there is only one piece of cheesecake left. Would you care to share?”
Cam was willing. The girl glanced up a few times and then shrugged.

Cam took it as a yes and slid in beside her.

She fiddled with her napkin.

“Hi, I’m Cam.”

She smiled shyly and shook his hand. “I’m Cam too, short for Camilla.”

He started to snicker and she slowly joined him in laughter.

The cheesecake arrived and they paused in their amusement to take a bite.

Cameron nearly moaned. It melted in his mouth, subtle flavors bursting out with each chewed. One glance at Camilla’s look of contentment and for a moment Cameron felt anything in the universe was possible.

“So, ah, you’re going to Vienna?”

She flushed and nodded. “And you’re a writer.”

He smiled. “Hope to be, but yeah.”

Inside the cafe Gran Nana was sliding a freshly sliced cheesecake into the display case when Tod came up beside her. “Why’d you have me lie to those people?”

“Twasn’t a lie. There was only one piece of cheesecake … for them.”

“They going to be famous or something?”

Gran Nana cackled. “Probably not, but they’ll have a hell of a lot more fun failing together then they ever would succeeding apart.”



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