The Day Job That Almost Ate My Writer-Self

I work for a large aerospace company. The work is exciting and it pays well, but, it can be stressful… really, really stressful.

The position I had was gruesomely tough. Sixty hours a week with no safety net, so one mistake and I could cost the company and our clients millions of dollars. Every single day felt like the Kobayashi Maru. No surprise then that it took it’s toll on my physical and emotional health. 

But it was my writing that suffered the most. I was too exhausted and frustrated to put pen to paper or fingers to keys. 

I had to make a choice. My day job, that paid the mortgage and kept me in spiral bound notebooks, or the hobby I was passionate about but that provided diddly squat towards upkeep. 

The universe apparently agreed with me. A position opened up under a fella I’d worked with briefly while still a fledgling. People told me I was crazy.  It was a full level under where I was, a demotion. No one in their right mind goes down

Luckily, being in my right mind has never been a problem for me. 

I got the position. And it was absolutely the best thing I could’ve done. I not only have enegy when I get home but I have long periods of grunt work that afford me the opportunity to write at work. 


What, if any, parts of your life have you changed to be able to do your writing or artwork? Are you happier now? Or do you regret the change?



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