Keeping Up With The Science In Sci/Fi

I can’t keep up. Really. It seems impossible to stay current with the daily advances in science and technology. Now this wouldn’t be such a big deal, except that one of the genres I write in is Science Fiction. 

One of my favorite Sci/Fi authors has a very long running series where humans ended up on a planet with an intelligent bipedal, indigenous race. The humans occupy an island while the other race has the rest of the planet. When the humans land the indigenous people are still in primitive societies so in order to not upset the balance they are very careful of how much technology they share. 

Bloody brilliant move on her part because it allows her to introduce new technology into her story as if the humans had it all along. For example, cellphones. When she started the series cellphones weren’t around. Now they are and she can have the humans slowly reveal them to the other race when they’re “ready”. 

I’m in a similar situation with 3-D printing. When I started my Sci/Fi novel 3-D printing was so far fetched as to be near fantasy. Now, I can buy a kit for under a grand and build my own printer.  Given that my story is 600 years in the future I have to accept the real possibility of them being as ubiquitous as hand held calculators or wrist watches. Heck, maybe by that point they’ll be printing out custom organs. 

So for now I’ll go back and do the rewrites, but I’m wondering if there is a point where I should just stop and call it good?

Have there been world events or technological breakthroughs that have forced you to change your plot or rewrite scenes? 





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