The Adventures of Joryvn McKale – Chunk 02

     And, within two blinks found himself breathless and staring at the pockmarked ceiling.

     Dr. Riley straddled his stomach, each wrist secured in a tight grip with his arms pinned across his chest. Most of the doctor’s weight was on his own knees so Jorvyn could breathe if he remembered how, but he was as restrained as any straight jacket. Not that any other straight jacket had ever been this warm or smelled like men’s aftershave.

     “Where the hell did you go to Med school?” Jorvyn croaked.

     Dr. Riley’s lips twitched in a faint smile. “I spent several years in the Marines.”

     “Really? I didn’t think they let smart people become Jarheads?”

     Another almost smile by Dr. Riley. “Popular misconception.”

     Jorvyn grunted and shrugged as best he could given his physical limitations.

     “Now, do I have your attention?”

     Jorvyn forced himself to relax. “Sure Doc. You’re the butch and I’m the bitch. I get it.”

     Dr. Riley frowned and loosened the grip on Jorvyn’s wrists. “That’s not the way I want this relationship to work.”

     “What, being in charge, being able to knock me around doesn’t turn you on? C’mon admit it you love watching boys cringe for you.” Jorvyn felt Dr. Riley’s fingers tighten around his wrists again for the briefest second, felt the ripple of tension in the thighs around his sides.

     Dr. Riley held his gaze in a vice of steely blue. “All I ask is that you give me a chance to earn your trust. I only wish to help you.”

     “Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, you and every other crackpot with a pocket protector and a cell phone. I know how this works. You and me talk. We sit closer and closer each day. Then one day we have a breakthrough. I cry. You hug me. Then you get to pat yourself on the back and go home. I’ve seen ‘Good Will Hunting’ Doc. Only problem is… I’ll still be here.”


     “Trying to bullshit me is a bad way to start. I’m criminally insane, Doc. You know what that means? That means, you make me ‘well’ I’ll go to prison. So, I can either get beat and raped in here where the drugs are pretty good, plentiful, and free. Or I can get beat and raped in prison where the drugs aren’t.”

     Dr. Riley’s face flushed and Jorvyn couldn’t help but tense at the anger he saw in the doctor’s eyes. “If anyone lays a hand on you, I want to know.”

     “Why? So you can give them a cookie? Or is it the details you’re after?” The piercing gaze never left Jorvyn’s face as Dr. Riley released his wrists completely and rolled off.

     “No, I want to know so I can have them fired.”

     Jorvyn laughed and pillowed his head with laced fingers. “You’re priceless, Doc. I might actually be sad to see you railroaded out of here or become jaded beyond caring.”

     Dr. Riley frowned and began to pick up the remnants of the scattered meal.

     “Doc, as I said, I’m criminally insane with a long history of delusional behavior and hallucinations. Do you seriously think that they’re going to let you fire someone because I said they got too rough?”

     “There are cameras.”

     “Which the guards control.”

     “That can be worked around.”

     Jorvyn thought about that a moment and grimaced. So far no one had caught him on camera coming and going. If that changed all his hard work over the years would be ruined. “Do yourself a favor Doc, block some time on your calendar like we’ve had sessions, write up some reports, and then move on. You look like you might be a decent guy, but if you think I’m your career maker, you’re wrong.”

     Dr. Riley offered a hand to help Jorvyn up.

     “No, I’m good, thanks. One take down a morning is my quota.”

     The hand never wavered but when it became apparent Jorvyn did not intend to make use of the offer Dr. Riley sat cross legged next to him. “Let’s cut to the chase then, shall we. What can you tell me about your step mother?”

     Jorvyn sat up, drawing knees to chest. “Anika!”

     “I’m here sugar.”

     “This guy could be trouble. What intel do you have for me?”

     “He’s an ex-Marine.”

     “Yeah, my ass found that out the hard way.”
     “Combat medic. Injured in a mission six years ago in some tiny African country your government never was officially in.”

     Dr. Riley’s light touch on his arm jarred him back. “What was that?”

     Jorvyn blinked. “Peaches, I was wondering if they were having peaches later.”

     Dr. Riley studied him intently before accepting the change of topics and nodding with a grave expression. “We can find out.”

     “That’d be great. I like peaches. Hey are we done establishing the pecking order and measuring our dicks? I don’t want to miss the Rose Parade.”

     Dr. Riley grimaced. “May I see your feet?” “No.”

     “Then I’m afraid we’re not done.”

     “You’re going to be a hard ass about this, aren’t you Doc.?”

     “I am persistent, yes.”

     Jorvyn scowled hard and ran through his options. Not surprising they were thin at best. Finally he leaned back on his elbows and slowly extended a leg. “Foot. You get one foot. That’s all.”

     Dr. Riley nodded. “A fair enough compromise.”

     Jorvyn hated the way he flinched from the doctor’s light touch on his heel. Hated the feeling of his balls trying to crawl up into his body as the bootie was slowly peeled away. Hated the ripple of cool air on his exposed sole. But mostly hated the way his palms became salt water springs and how his whole body took on a fine tremble. Mercifully, when he was done Dr. Riley simply lowered the foot to the floor and handed the bootie to Jorvyn instead of trying to put it back on himself.

     “Thank you, Jorvyn. I’m sorry that was so unpleasant for you.”

     “Fuck off Doc.”
     “The rub marks and scars on your ankles, what are they from?”

     Jorvyn took a few deep breaths and mustered up a smirk. “You haven’t done work in an institution before, have you Doc.?”

     Dr. Riley shook his head. “No, I have not.” 


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