Word Counts – UGH!

Word Counts… I hate them. 

They’re little, wart skinned gremlins. They perch just in the corner of your vision and mock. Their eyes are hourglasses with perpetually more sand at the bottom than the top. 

And yet… I use them. 

I set mine ridiculously low because if I made it reasonable and missed it I’d beat myself up. If I missed enough times I’d be too bruised to continue and I’d just chuck the whole laptop out the window and move on to something easier like finger painting. 

Even with the bar set so low there are times it takes me hours to reach the paltry sum. 

And yet … they work. 

On the days I think everything I touch is crap. The days when writing is the absolutely last thing I want to do. The little word count gremlin whispers at me. 

“C’mon,” It whines, “You sneeze more words then your goal. If you don’t like them tomorrow you can take them out. Just freaking do it you wuss!”

And … I do. 


What process works for you? Do you use guilt or rewards to help you finish your projects? 



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