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Valentine’s Day Poem – Minecraft style

Lava is Red

Water is Blue

Diamonds are rare & precious

And so are you.


Holidays In Outer Space

Happy Holidays! 

Today in America is a special day. A day of Giving Thanks. A day where we celebrate the three F’s of life: Food, Family, Football. 

But, what if we were on a colony light years away from earth? Would we still celebrate the holidays of our mother world?

The astronauts on orbit in the ISS celebrate the holidays of their home countries, but they’re close enough to chat with loved ones and know they’ll be back dirtside eventually. 

There’s no way to know for sure what holidays would be celebrated on distant human outposts but judging by history they’ll celebrate something for sure. 

Here’s my guess at some of the potential holidays. 

Founder’s Day.
Landing Day.
First Birth.
If the colonists came in waves, perhaps the arrival of each wave would be celebrated. Or maybe they’d be lumped into one day like we do with President’s Day. 
Sustaining Day (Celebrating when the colony was fully terraformed and no longer needed regular supplies from earth.) 

What kinds of Holidays can you come up with? What traditions would form around these holidays?